Serving the dedicated bodybuilders and strength athletes of El Cajon, The Human Elite Gym is home to our formidable IronRider 35° Hack Squat and the uncompromising Spider Leg Press. A testament to the lasting quality and resilience of Mayhem Strength machines.


A diverse community gym in the heart of Jersey City, Firehouse Fitness, needed versatile, robust equipment that caters to every fitness enthusiast. Our Half Rack Smith Machine 2-in-1 Combo stood up to the challenge, making every workout session here a step towards extraordinary strength.

In the bustling San Fernando Valley, Frag Out Fitness sought to give their members the best of the best. Our Plate Loaded Leg Extension/Leg Curl Combo and the mighty Pendulum Squat have become the backbone of their leg day regime

When commitment meets passion, the result is something like 1More Rep. Our Spider Leg Press and Half Rack Smith Machine 2-in-1 Combo have helped this gym become a hub of strength training in Santa Ana.

In sunny San Diego, Grinder Gym fosters a community of fitness enthusiasts who push their limits. Equipped with a range of our robust strength equipment, it stands as a testament to quality, durability, and the spirit of strength training.

Our upcoming project in Sarawak, Malaysia, is a symbol of our global commitment to facilitating strength and resilience. Stay tuned to see how we bring our unique Mayhem Strength touch to Turbo Fitness.