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        We have specials on products from various categories and if we have a special in a certain category it will appear here and clearly marked being on special. The rest of the products in the category appear below.

        Stamina Rubber Flooring

        Provides superior value and multiple options for all or your Fitness requirements. Made with a non-porous surface, Stamina is engineered to help repel sweat and other liquids to minimize clean-up, odor, and maintenance. This allows for a cleaner, longer lasting floor that is designed to withstand heavy use for all types of arenas and fitness spaces.

        Rolled Rubber Flooring

        Our heavy-duty rolled rubber flooring is built for extreme durability and can be used as home gym flooring, as commercial weight room flooring, under exercise equipment, in pet care facilities, as basement flooring, on outdoor patios and decks, as slip-resistant flooring on boat docks, as children’s playroom flooring, in locker rooms, and any other place where a rubber floor solution would be useful to help prevent slipping and provide anti-fatigue and sound control qualities.  The rolls are machine are easy to install.  

        Regupol Aktivlok 2x2 Puzzle Piece Tile

        Regupol AktivLok interlocking rubber floor tiles fit into every space in the facility. The toughness, resiliency and shock absorption of AktivLok provide facilities with durability to last with the easy installation. AktivLok is made of 100% post-consumer tire rubber & post-industrial EPDM rubber. Using Regupol AktivLok can help qualify your facility for LEED credits and is GreenCircle Certified. All pieces are center cut.

        Rubber Flooring 4x6 Mats

        This 4x6 rubber mat is made from heavy-duty, 3/4 inch thick, 100% recycled vulcanized rubber. This durable rubber stall mat is ideal for home gyms and commercial gyms alike. **Contact Us Special Bulk Pricing**  

        Rubber Flooring 3x3 Mats

        Protect your flooring from dropping weights with these square Rubber Mats.


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