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        We have specials on products from various categories and if we have a special in a certain category it will appear here and clearly marked being on special. The rest of the products in the category appear below.

        Used Leg Extension/Curl Combo


        Used Leg Press

        The Champion Barbell Field House Leg Press is a prime quality, leading edge fitness equipment constituted of heavy duty steel tubing for optimum balance and toughen. This exercise machine develops tremendous lower body strength and delivers a smooth full range of motion. The Champion Field House Leg Press features 2 separate weight storage horns, heavy duty rubber bump stops for quiet operation and padding constructed of Prime-density foam with marine grade vinyl. This Protected and effective workout machine is a perfect addition for any home gym.

        Used Glute Drive

        This Mayhem Strength Glute Drive  safely and smartly isolates your glutes, building power through a strong hip bridge motion, creating strong glutes, improved hip and core stability. These benefits are universally desirable, important for a wide variety of sports and exercises, and are arguably the most important muscles for total athleticism. The Glute Drive gives you the full benefits of the hip thrust exercise, simply, safely, and with good form. The machine is designed to promote good biomechanics and balanced weight curve.

        Used Life Fitness CLST Integrity Series Treadmill

        The Integrity Series treadmill is the evolution of the trusted Life Fitness workhorse. Craft an engaging cardio experience with easy access to entertainment and fitness apps, or allow for intuitive get-on-and-go functionality. Walkers and runners both benefit from the comfort provided by FlexDeck technology, a running surface that reduces stress on the joints. Wireless internet connection allows facilities to monitor valuable asset data and make easy console software updates. Integrity treadmills are ideal for facilities looking for an inviting modern design with enough options to appeal to their exercisers.

        Torque Fitness Power Cage

        The X-SERIES Power Cage provides spotting capability and a sense of security while using the lifting zone within the platinum powder coated 3” x 3” cage.

        Assault Fitness Assault Bike

        A conditioning staple in many gyms, this bike helps athletes train harder with their own momentum. As you pedal faster, the resistance automatically ramps up to match your speed.

        NordiTrack FS14i

        The NordiTrack FS14i  is a 3 in 1 elliptical that provides an unparalleled interactive training experience. The FS14i features a 14" Smart Touchscreen, Autoadjust Technology and Interactive Personal Training. Interactive Personal Training feature allows you to explore the globe as you train, participate in high-energy studio classes and participate in workouts that are guided by elite personal trainers and world class coaches. With the Autoadjust Technology feature you can transition from Elliptical, to Stepper, and to Treadmill by simply changing your stride to the workout desired.      

        Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

        Great for pull ups and chin ups!

        Old School Lat Pull Down

        Get a great back workout with this old school Lat Pulldown! The Lat Pulldown is perfect for hitting the larger section of your lats, the latissimus dorsi. Don’t forget about your rhombiods and trapezuis!

        Military Press

        *No sales tax (excludes CA)* Lead Time on PRE-ORDERS is 10-14 Weeks

        Matrix Rower

        Experience a naturally intense rowing experience. This low-impact rower offers a cardio workout that strengthens the entire body. Easily switch between speed work, distance rowing, and high-intensity interval training. The original Matrix Rower provides accurate, complete data feedback on a premium LCD console.

        Arsenal Vertical Chest Press

        The Arsenal Strength Reloaded Vertical Chest Press provides a unique chest training experience due to its adjustability. Two-position ISO Lateral workarms and an adjustable angle back pad allow the user to target different areas of the chest.

        Matrix Single Pulley

        • Column adjusts into 17 positions
        • Dual rotational pulleys for added exercise variety and independent motion
        • Drop-down incremental weight system provides smaller increases in weight

        Outslayer Muay Thai Punching Bag

        This bag is 6ft 150lb, made in the USA. This punching bag is used for great for Muay Thai and boxing training.

        Plate Loaded Lat Pulldown

        The Plated-Loaded Lat Tower is a space-saving strength trainer designed to build your back and shoulder strength. This high-quality Lat Tower combines lat pull down and a low row position, making it a smart addition to any home gym. With dual, 13-inch loadable weight plate sleeves, you can slowly work up to higher intensity workouts with a weight capacity of up to 400-pounds. The tower comes with a Lat Bar, Low Row Handle, and Thigh Pads with four adjustable positions to accommodate athletes of all body types. Load up on plates and use lat pulldowns to efficiently target your upper body and back muscles to perform various pulldowns, bent-over rows, seated rows, and more.


        This Mayhem Strength MegaPlex  is a one of a kind versatile machine! This is an all-in-one unit offers you everything you need to perform those powerful strength training workouts. The pull-up bar offers different grip options and allows various chin-up exercises. The press bar with adjustable safety stops allows you to perform strength training workouts. *No sales tax (excludes CA)*

        Lying Reverse Fly Machine

        USED  Sold As-Is Non-Refundable 

        Prone Leg Curl

        The Mayhem Strength Prone Leg Curl  is the newest leg curl in our Mayhem Havoc Selectorized Series.  The Prone Leg Curl is a great exercise to isolate the hamstrings. Divergent angle between hip and chest pads minimizes lower-back stress, and adjustable start position provides five different starting points. *No sales tax (excludes CA)* Lead Time on PRE-ORDERS is 10-14 Weeks

        ISO Lateral Wide Lat Pulldown

        The Mayhem Strength ISO Lateral Wide Lat Pulldown is an excellent choice of equipment when you want to target your lats. Offering a diverging action, this ergonomic machine supports the ideal movement of the joints as you pull down to ensure there is no unnecessary strain or pressure. The Iso-lateral movement with separate loading horns also encourages individual and alternate hand movements to target the muscles on either side more effectively. *No sales tax (excludes CA)*

        ISO Lateral High Row

        The Mayhem Strength ISO Lateral High Row is ideal for strengthening the muscles in the middle and upper back (latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, trapezius, posterior deltoids) along with the biceps for that explosive pulling strength. The industry-grade machine uses diverging and iso lateral movements for strengthening individual muscle groups while maintaining a natural range of motion. Designed with two weight horns and 2 additional storage plate holders, this durable steel ISO lateral high row machine offers convenient access to weights and is a great addition to your gym setup's circuit of machines or as a standalone machine. *No sales tax (excludes CA)*

        Olympic Decline Bench

        Want to target those lower pecs without worrying about getting injured? The Mayhem Strength Olympic Decline Bench Press has a unique declining angle that removes all kinds of strain from your shoulders or lower back muscles, and directs it to your chest muscles; helping increase the size and strength of your chest. The machine is fitted with padded, non-slip leg cushions, that can be adjusted to the proper height for the user. *No sales tax (excludes CA)*

        Seated Tricep Extension

        The Mayhem Strength tricep extension strengthens and tones the tricep muscles. The sleek design is inviting to exercisers of all fitness levels and abilities. *No sales tax (excludes CA)* Lead Time on PRE-ORDERS is 10-14 Weeks

        ISO Lateral Lat Pulldown

        Mayhem Strength ISO Lateral Lat Pulldown  has dual converging motions for equal strength development and muscle stimulation variety. It uses four unique grip positions to deliver variation and natural trajectory. This compound machine primarily uses the lats, forearms muscles, biceps and rotator cuff. *No sales tax (excludes CA)* Lead Time on PRE-ORDERS is 10-14 Weeks

        Angled Smith Machine

        This Mayhem Strength Angled Smith Machine  has a 90-degree path of motion that follows the natural path of movement for pressing or squatting. This smith machine was designed to seamlessly integrate with other pieces to complete any gym from our high-quality Mayhem Havoc Plated Loaded Series! *No sales tax (excludes CA)*

        ISO Lateral Leg Extension & Leg Curl Package

        Train those legs like a true pro with our lso Lateral Leg Extension & Leg Curl Package. This duo of machines target the main muscles of your quadriceps and hamstrings along with glutes, helping build endurance and strengthen your legs. The machines are designed for busy gyms and frequent use, and that's why they feature a premium metal frame and padded faux leather cushions on the seat and leg boards. Available in a brilliant two-tone finish, this extension and leg curl package will be a real hit at the gym *No sales tax (excludes CA)* Lead Time on PRE-ORDERS is 10-14 Weeks

        Seal Row Bench

        This Seal Row Bench is uniquely optimized for both dumbbell and barbell seal row movements. The support from the bench helps reduce risk of injury and reliance on momentum, while the movement itself has proven very effective in activating the lats and smaller back muscles. *No sales tax (excludes CA)* Lead Time on PRE-ORDERS is 10-14 Weeks

        Sissy Squat

        The Sissy Squat Machine is an old-school leg training device that will develop tear-drop shaped quads with challenging squat workouts. *No sales tax (excludes CA)*

        Preacher Curl Bench

        This Preacher Curl Bench accommodates users of any fitness level or experience. Our bench helps focus you on isolating your biceps using free weights or dumbbells. *No sales tax (excludes CA)*

        Pendulum Squat

        Build your calves and thighs with the Plate Loaded Pendulum Squat. Built to eliminate stress on ankles, this leg press offers consistent resistance through a full range of motion. Work on your glutes, thighs and hamstrings with the help of the pivoting press plate. A grip plate prevents slippage during your workout. *No sales tax (excludes CA)* Lead Time on PRE-ORDERS is 10-14 Weeks

        Lateral Pullover

        The Mayhem Strength Plate Loaded Lateral Pullover  creates serious strain on your lats to increase growth. It is designed to reduce tension and provide exercisers with increased stability and control. The seat is angled and degree of shoulder extension is decreased for stability and reduced shoulder joint stress, respectively. *No sales tax (excludes CA)*

        Abductor and Adductor Package

        The Mayhem Strength Abductor and Adductor Package  includes two machines that are a must have for any space. Build your glutes and legs with this dream combo! *No sales tax (excludes CA)*

        ISO Lateral Shoulder Press

        Unlike traditional dumbbell shoulder presses, working with the Mayhem Strength PL ISO Shoulder Press machine minimizes the risk of adding excess pressure on your deltoids and rotator cuffs. With the Mayhem Strength PL ISO Shoulder Press, users can target their deltoids, triceps, trapezius and pees with a safe converging motion, ensuring that they get the benefits of improved strength without the unnecessary strain caused by performing a traditional bar front press. *No sales tax (excludes CA)*

        Smith Machine

        This Mayhem Strength Smith Machine  sets us apart from others! This machine offers more movement than other similar track machines, while also allowing the use of multiple benches. *No sales tax (excludes CA)*

        Hack Squat

        Push your squat limits and lift heavier with the Mayhem Strength Plate Loaded Hack Squat Machine. The perfectly angled machine features an oversized footplate that allows different foot positions, and even comes with easily adjustable start and stop positions for multiple ranges of motions, while also adding a degree of safety. The hack squat machine also includes integrated Olympic weight storage for easy organization and workout setup. Glutes, quads, and hamstrings-target them all with the Mayhem Strength Plate Loaded Hack Squat. *No sales tax (excludes CA)*

        Lateral Raise/Chest Fly Combo

        Lateral raises and chest fly exercises are incredibly effective at increasing the strength and size of your chest and shoulder muscles. This Lateral Raise/Chest Fly Combo features a reinforced metal standing station along with a weight tower attached to twin adjustable handles. The machine ensures that you and your clients can easily achieve progressive overload without risking injuries. Compact in size and incredibly tough, the raise/chest fly combo will stand out even among a large circuit of equipment at the gym. *No sales tax (excludes CA)*


        The Mayhem Strength Plate Loaded V-Squat  is a part of our new Mayhem Havoc Plate Loaded Series! It is designed to have a natural squatting motion, while reducing back and knee strain through a curved arc of motion. It is perfect for body building, conditioning and rehab exercises. Contoured shoulder pad, backrest pad, rubber foot pad for superior comfort. The four easily accessible weight horns provide quick changes between reps, for more effective and powerful workouts. *No sales tax (excludes CA)*

        Hip Thrust

        A modern invention, the Mayhem Strength Hip Thrust Machine offers users a way to stimulate their gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus muscles for improved speed, power, and strength. Used by sports professionals and fitness athletes, this hip thrust machine unlocks the hidden potential of your legs and adds more stability to your motion. The exponential development of the hip muscles also offers a round, sculpted lower body aesthetics. Part of our Mayhem Havoc Plate Loaded Series, this machine comes in a stylish dual-tone to complement your gym's decor. *No sales tax (excludes CA)*

        Leg Press

        The ultimate workout tool to strengthen legs, the Mayhem Strength Plate Loaded Leg Press is for those who go big or go home. The leg press features stackable weights horn and a biologically accurate placement of the wide foot mat. This allows users to find their comfortable spot and enjoy an intense workout for their quads and glutes. The angled design of the Mayhem Strength Plate Loaded Leg Press also allows users to stack more weights and break their PRs without putting any excess strain on their lower backs. *No sales tax (excludes CA)*

        Standing Calf Raise

        This Mayhem Strength Plate Loaded Standing Calf Raise  is a game changer in our new Mayhem Havoc Plate Loaded Series! The angled diamond footplate helps maintain foot placement and allows for maximum stretch. *No sales tax (excludes CA)*

        Seated Calf Raise

        The Mayhem Strength Plate Loaded Seated Calf Raise in our Mayhem Havoc Plate Loaded Series is designed to train the soleus muscle motions. It also has an adjustable thigh pad restraint to accommodate various exercisers. Doing calf raises from the seated position places more emphasis on the soleus muscle and in strengthening the Achilles tendon than doing calf raises from the standing position. *No sales tax (excludes CA)*

        ISO Lateral Horizontal Chest Press

        Build size and strength in your upper body with the ergonomic design of this Mayhem Strength Plate Loaded ISO-Lateral Horizontal Chest Press  in our new Mayhem Havoc Plate Loaded Series! This horizontal chest press machine was built to work your chest and triceps for mass and strength gains. The independently moving handles of the plate loaded chest press work each side evenly, preventing the dominant side from applying more force during the movement. *No sales tax (excludes CA)*

        ISO Lateral Chest Press

        Take your workout to the next level with our Mayhem Strength Plate Loaded ISO-Lateral Chest Press  in our new Mayhem Havoc Plate Loaded Series! The design of this machine features separate weight horns that provide independent diverging and converging motions for equal strength development. Vertical and horizontal grip options replicate traditional chest presses or athletic movements. *No sales tax (excludes CA)*

        ISO Lateral Incline Chest Press

        Introducing our Mayhem Strength Plate Loaded Incline Chest Press  to our Mayhem Havoc Plate Loaded Series! This Incline Chest Press provides 2 different grip options, 3 height adjustments for the back pad and 8 height adjustments for the seat. These allow for a wide variety of set ups and accommodating to many different body types. Offers the users the ability to target the upper pectorals and a total strength solution. *No sales tax (excludes CA)*

        ISO Lateral Low Row

        The Mayhem Strength Plate Loaded ISO-Lateral Low Row isolates the latissimus dorsi muscles on the back along with the biceps to progressively improve their strength. The design of the machine maintains stability and weight balance between your arms, ensuring that your focus remains on your muscles while you lift the weights. The ability to work on each arm independently also improves mind-muscle connection as the converging and diverging. ISO-lateral movements enhance the results of the compound exercise *No sales tax (excludes CA)*

        ISO Lateral D.Y Row

        The Mayhem Strength Plate-Loaded ISO-Lateral D.Y. Row is designed to mimic the natural movements of the human body and ensures perfect posture with every single rep. The machine features two weight horns that can be conveniently stacked, along with four more for storage. The red-colored pivot arms are attached to ergonomically placed underhand grips, allowing users to target each arm independently. The converging and diverging motions target the core external rotator and stabilizer muscles including Posterior Deltoids, Triceps, Middle Trapezius, Brachialis, and Rhomboids. *No sales tax (excludes CA)*

        T Bar Row

        This Mayhem Strength Plate Loaded T Bar Row strengthens and defines your back muscles and is chest supported. This machine is part of our new Mayhem Havoc Plate Loaded Series! The design of this machine allows you to focus on your back muscles, shoulders, and arms while reducing strain on your lower back. This unit is adjustable to suit different size individuals using the 4 positions on the footplate, space 2-in apart, and has dual position handles that allows you to target different muscles. *No sales tax (excludes CA)*

        ISO Lateral Decline Chest Press

        When it comes to incline and decline chest presses, the latter has been proven time and time again to be superior in every single way. And with the Mayhem Strength ISO Lateral Decline Chest Press, users enjoy the said benefits like reduced lower back and shoulder stress, while increased activation of the lower pectoral muscles. The sleek design features cushioned padding for plenty of back and head support, along with non-slip handlebars. Ideal for all fitness levels, the weight horns can be progressively stacked with plates as per the user's needs. *No sales tax (excludes CA)*

        Hip Press

        Whether you're looking to maximize your explosive strength on the field or get a sculpted lower body physique, the Mayhem Strength Plate Loaded Hip Press is a tool you just can't miss. Created to add some fun to those leg days, this hip press machine features four weight horns and a biomechanically placed footpad to ensure proper pushing range of motion and posture. The machine directly targets hips, glutes, and quadriceps, stimulating them for maximum strength and muscular development. The two-tone finish adds to the loaded hip press machine's universal appeal. *No sales tax (excludes CA)*

        ISO Lateral Front Lat Pulldown

        The Mayhem Strength ISO Lateral Front Lat Pulldown uses a unique arc of motion and underhand grip positions to deliver variation and natural movement path. *No sales tax (excludes CA)*


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