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8 Station Multi Gym

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Part of our Mayhem Havoc Selectorized Series, the 8 Station Multi Gym is designed for commercial gyms. The different stations come with a variety of cable machines that target pretty much every single muscle in your body, from your traps to your glutes.

The highlight of the system is the wide bar at the center with 2 separate pull-up bars.

Every single handle, seat, and pad is cushioned and lined with non-slip materials to maximize your comfort and safety.

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8 Station Multi Gym

Brand: Mayhem Strength®

Series: Mayhem Havoc Selectorized Series

Assembled Dimensions: 260x139x94 inches

8 Station Weight Stacks:

-Lat Pulldowns (2) / Low Rows (2) - 200lbs each

-Tricep Pushdowns (2) / Middle Cables (2) - 140lbs each

Havoc Features:

  • 11 Gauge steel
  • Hard chrome weight plate sleeves
  • Aluminum end caps
  • Smooth, spring-loaded hydraulics system
  • High density foam pads
  • Furniture grade leather
  • Heavy-duty Japanese cables
  • ABS plastic

Great for any home or professional gym!

Make your multi gym complete with our Mayhem Strength Cable Attachments!

Check out our 8 Station Multi Gym in action on our YouTube channel:(1) World's Greatest 8 station Machine by Mayhem Strength #shorts - YouTube

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