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Gym Package-10,000 sqft

If you're running a commercial gym or fitness center, then you know how important it is to have quality equipment that can withstand the demands of your customers. That's why we've put together this amazing 10,000 square foot commercial gym equipment package.

This package includes all the strength equipment you need to fully stock your gym and provide your clients with an exceptional workout experience.

But that's not all - we're offering FREE SHIPPING AND FREE INSTALLATION for this package! That's right, you don't have to worry about any additional costs or hidden fees. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the equipment you need without breaking the bank. Our team of experts will come and set up all the equipment for you, so you can focus on what's important - running your gym and providing top-notch service to your clients.

What really sets this package apart is our offer of custom free weights. You can choose from a variety of weight sizes and have them customized with your gym's logo or branding. This will not only add a personal touch to your equipment but also help with brand recognition and marketing.

So why wait? Upgrade your gym today with our 10,000 square foot commercial gym equipment package valued at over $300,000!

Free Shipping

Free Installation

Ships in 12-14 Weeks

No sales tax (excludes CA)

*Certain Exclusions Apply*

1 in stock Available for Pre-Order


What's included?



(4)Powermill Stairmasters



(2)Upright Bike

(2)Assault Bike


(2)Spin Bike


Selectorized Machines:


(1)Pectoral Fly/Rear Delt Combo

(1)Converging Chest Press

(1)Diverging Lat Pulldown

(1)Mid Row

(1)Low Row

(1)Seated Lateral Raise

(1)Lateral Raise/Chest Fly Combo

(1)Biceps Curl

(1)Triceps Dip

(1)Triceps Extension

(1)Abdominal Crunch

(1)Seated Leg Extension

(1)Glute Trainer

(1)Abductor/Adductor Combo

(1)Prone Leg Curl

(1)Seated Leg Press

(1)Standing Calf Raise

(1)Seated Leg Curl

(1)Assisted Chin/Dip


Plate Loaded Machines:

(1)Horizontal Chest Press

(1)Chest Press

(1)Incline Chest Press

(1)Low Lat Pullover

(1)T Bar Row

(1)Chin/Dip/Leg Raise

(1)Low Row

(1)DY Row

(1)Shoulder Press

(1)Hip Press

(1)Spider Leg Press

(1)Hip Thrust


(1)Pendulum Squat V3

(1)Belt Squat

(1)35 Degree Hack Squat

(1)Sissy Squat

(1)Leg Extension & Leg Curl Package


Racks & Benches:

(1)Preacher Curl Bench

(1)Olympic Decline Bench Press

(6)Plate Tree

(4)Two-Tier Dumbbell Rack

(1)Three-Tier Dumbbell Rack

(2)Barbell Rack

(1)Utility Bench

(2)Flat Bench

(6)King Kong Adjustable Bench FID

(1)Wall Ball Rack

(1)Kettlebell Rack


Free Weights:

Mayhem Strength V3 Urethane Dumbbells

- (1set)5-100lb *5lb Increments

- (1set)105-150lb *5lb Increments

- (1set)160-200lb *10lb Increments

Mayhem Strength V3 Urethane Plates

- (120)45lb, (10)35lb, (40)25lb, (60)10lb, (40)5lb, (20)2.5lb

Mayhem Strength Chrome Calibrated Plates

- (2sets)400kg Set *(24)25kg, (4)20kg, (4)15kg, (4)10kg, (4)5kg

Mayhem Strength Black Bumper Plates

- (24)45lb, (8)35lb, (16)25lb, (16)10lb

Mayhem Strength Fixed Barbells

- (1set)EZ Curl Barbells 20-110lb *10lb Increments

- (1set)Straight Barbells 20-110lb *10lb Increments

Wall Balls

- (1)8lb, (1)10lb, (1)15lb, (1)20lb, (1)25lb


- (1)15lb, (1)20lb, (1)25lb, (2)30lb, (2)35lb, (2)40lb, (2)45lb, (2)50lb



(2)Mayhem Strength Cable Attachments

(4)Power Lifting Bar

(2)Weightlifting Bar

(5)EZ Curl Bar

(10)Lock Jaw Barbell Clips

(2)Calibrated Barbell Clips

(2)3in1 Foam Plyo Box




Stamina Rubber Flooring

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