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  • Hotel/Apartment Complex Gym Package

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    What’s included?



    (4)Life Fitness Treadmill CLST

    (3)Life Fitness Integrity Series PowerMill Stairmasters

    (3)Life Fitness Integrity Series Elliptical CLSX

    (3)Life Fitness Integrity Series CLSR Recumbent Bike

    (3)Life Fitness IC4 Indoor Cycle


    Selectorized Machines:


    (1)Seated Leg Press

    (1)Abductor/Adductor Combo

    (1)Seated Leg Extension & Curl Combo

    (1)Biceps Curl

    (1)Triceps Dip

    (1)Converging Shoulder Press

    (1)Seated Lateral Raise

    (1)Mid Row

    (1)Diverging Lat Pulldown

    (1)Pectoral Fly/Rear Delt Combo

    (1)Converging Chest Press


    Racks & Benches:

    (1)Smith Machine

    (1)King Kong Adjustable Bench FID

    (1)Kettlebell Rack

    (1)Slam Balls Rack

    (1)Barbell Rack


    Free Weights:

    Mayhem Strength V3 Urethane Plates

    – (1pair)5lb, (1pair)10lb, (1pair)25lb

    – (3pairs)45lb, (1pair)35lb, (1pair)25lb, (1pair)10lb, (1pair)5lb, (1pair)2.5lb

    – (1set)245lb *(1pair)45lb, (1pair)35lb, (1pair)25lb, (1pair)10lb, (1pair)5lb, (1pair)2.5lb

    Mayhem Strength V3 Urethane Dumbbells

    – (1set)5-50lb *5lb Increments w/ (1)Two-Tier Dumbbell Rack or (1set)5-100lb *5lb Increments w/ (2)Two-Tier Dumbbell Rack

    Mayhem Strength Rubber Hex Dumbbells

    – (1set)5-50lb *5lb Increments w/ (1)Three Tier Hex Dumbbell Rack or (1set)5-100lb *5lb Increments w/ (2)Three Tier Hex Dumbbell Rack

    Mayhem Strength Fixed Barbells Set

    – (1set)EZ Curl Barbells 20-110lb *10lb Increments

    Slam Balls



    (1)Weightlifting Bar

    (1)Curl Bar



    Regupol Aktivlok 2×2 Puzzle Piece Tile

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