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    A fully stacked gym deserves a plate tree capable of handling the load. Our Havoc Plate Tree steps up to the challenge with its understated stature but delivers on all fronts thanks to its incredibly durable body and premium anti-rusted hard chrome bar sleeves. The flat, non-slip base ensures stability even in the busiest gym setups with frequent movement of weights from the plate tree to the racks and back.

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    Brand: Mayhem Strength®

    Series: Mayhem Havoc Series

    Assembled Dimensions: 44x24x49in

    Sleeve Length: 7″ x 1/4″

    Product Weight: 110lbs

    Havoc Plate Tree Features: 

    • Can hold up to 8pairs 45lb 450mm Bumper, Urethane, Iron Plates
    • 11 Gauge steel
    • Anti-rust hard chrome weight plate sleeves
    • Aluminum end caps
    • 4 Flat Non-Slip Feet

    Additional information

    Weight 134 lbs
    Dimensions 50 × 38 × 9 in

    Matte Black, Matte Black-Lightly Used, Matte Black(New Design), Red



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