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Leg Extension Prone Curl Combo

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The Mayhem Strength Leg Extension Prone Curl Combo machine combines the upright seated leg extension with the lying, or “prone”, leg curl. Both of these leg exercises are extremely effective in shaping, strengthening and increasing muscle in the quads and hamstrings and make great accessory exercises, or “finishing” exercises, after prime movers like barbell squats.

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This Mayhem Strength Leg Extension Prone Curl Combo is a 2 in one machine that allows you to not only add weight plate, but it allows you to add resistance bands to work your legs even harder. Athletes can perform two separate exercises to strengthen their thighs, knees, and hamstrings using this plate loaded machine. You can perform leg extension sitting upright and perform leg curls in the prone position. With this design users can perform both exercises smoothly and comfortably.


Brand Name: Mayhem Strength®

Series: Mayhem Storm Plate Loaded Series

Seated Assembled Dimensions: 60" x 36" x 44"

Prone Assembled Dimensions: 63"x35"x33"

Machine Weight: 141lbs

Intensify your workout using Resistance Bands on your resistance band pegs.

You can also add  Mayhem V3 Urethane Plates to complete your machine.

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Additional information

Weight 202 lbs
Dimensions 39 × 31 × 25 in

Grey w/ Black Supports-Pre Order, Red w/ Black Supports-Pre Order, Blue w/ Black Supports-Pre Order, Matte Black w/ Black Supports-Pre Order

Pad Color


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