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    Introducing the Mayhem Strength Chrome Calibrated Plates, the perfect combination of style and precision for your strength training needs. These plates are constructed with the highest quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. They have a thin profile allowing the user to load more on the bar and also feature a curved edge for easier handling. The Gold finish gives them a sleek and high end look, while being machined at a strict tolerance of +/- 10g of listed weight.  Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, these plates will help you achieve your strength training goals in style. Upgrade your workout routine with the Mayhem Strength Gold Calibrated Plates and experience the ultimate in precision and aesthetics.

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    Lead Time on PRE-ORDERS is 12-14 Weeks


    10 in stock (can be backordered)


    10 in stock


    10 in stock


    10 in stock


    10 in stock


    10 in stock


    10 in stock


    10 in stock


    10 in stock


    10 in stock


    10 in stock


    10 in stock


    10 in stock


    10 in stock


    10 in stock


    10 in stock


    10 in stock


    1 in stock


    1 in stock


    Lead Time on Pre-Orders is 12-14 weeks from the date ordered! 

    Mayhem Strength Chrome Calibrated Plates Set: 

    (2)0.25kg, (2)0.5kg, (2)1.25kg, (2)2.5kg for 9kg Plates Set

    (2)0.5kg, (2)1kg, (2)1.5kg, (2)2kg, (2)2.5kg for 15kg Plates Set

    (2)5kg, (2)10kg, (2)15kg, (2)20kg, (2)25kg for 150kg Plates Set

    (2)0.25kg, (2)0.5kg, (2)1.25kg, (2)2.5kg, (2)5kg, (2)10kg, (2)15kg, (2)20kg, (2)25 for 159kg Plates Set

    (2)0.5kg, (2)1kg, (2)1.5kg, (2)2kg, (2)2.5kg, (2)5kg, (2)10kg, (2)15kg, (2)20kg, (2)25kg for 165kg Plates Set

    (2)0.25kg, (2)0.5kg, (2)1.25kg, (2)2.5kg, (2)5kg, (2)10kg, (2)15kg, (2)20kg, (14)25kg for 459kg Plates Set

    (2)0.5kg, (2)1kg, (2)1.5kg, (2)2kg, (2)2.5kg, (2)5kg, (2)10kg, (2)15kg, (2)20kg, (14)25kg for 465kg Plates Set

    Brand Name: Mayhem Strength


    Weight Tolerance: +/- 10g

    Collar Diameter: 50.5mm / 2″

    Weight / Diameter / Plate Thickness: 

    25kg / 450mm / 25.1 mm

    20kg / 450mm / 21.2mm

    15kg   / 400mm /  18.4mm

    10kg / 32mm / 18.4mm

    5kg / 227mm / 21.8

    Warranty: 1 year warranty on any manufacture defect. Does not cover normal wear and tear.

    Upgrade your gym setup and keep clutter away with our durable Plate Tree Havoc, design to maximize  your workout potential and make it easy to store and access your Mayhem Strength Plates.

    Check out our Mayhem Strength Chrome Calibrated Plates in action on our YouTube channel: Defying Gravity Iron Mongers gym 2023 sponsored by Mayhem Strength – YouTube

    Additional information


    0.25kg Pair, 0.5kg Pair, 1.25kg Pair, 10kg Pair, 15kg Pair, 2.5kg Pair, 20kg Pair, 25kg Pair, 5kg Pair, Plates Set 150kg, Plates Set 159kg, Plates Set 459kg, Plates Set 9kg


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