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Mayhem Strength Cable Attachments


The Mayhem Strength Cable Accessories Package has everything you need to mix up your routine and target specific muscle groups. We've put together a selection of the highest quality attachments and accessories to help you get the most out of your cable workouts. With a variety of attachments and accessories included, you'll be able to perform a wide range of exercises and keep your workouts interesting.

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Brand Name: Mayhem Strength

Cable Attachment Package Includes:
-EZ Curl Bar
-20" Straight Bar
-Triceps Press Down
-(1pair) Single Handle
-Triangle Row
-Triceps Rope

Introducing our premium line of Mayhem Strength Cable Attachments - the ultimate tools to elevate your strength training experience to a whole new level. Crafted with precision and built to last, these attachments are made of high-quality cold rolled steel and feature a triple chrome plated finish for maximum durability and a sleek, polished appearance.

When it comes to optimizing your workout routine, the quality of your equipment matters. Our Mayhem Strength Cable Attachments are designed to provide a secure and comfortable grip, ensuring that every repetition counts. Whether you're performing cable curls, tricep pushdowns, or lat pulldowns, these attachments will help you achieve your fitness goals with confidence.

EZ Curl Bar

This EZ curl bar, with its chrome-plated cold rolled steel construction, offers a substantial weight and superior balance. The gentle curvature of the bar promotes ergonomic hand positioning, effectively reducing wrist strain and forearm discomfort.

20" Straight Bar

Crafted from chrome-plated cold rolled steel, this 20" straight bar boasts commercial-grade quality, making it a top choice for rigorous training. Distinguished from other cable attachments in the market, its substantial weight ensures an effective workout experience.

Triceps Press Down

Constructed with chrome-plated cold rolled steel, this triceps pressdown bar features a robust design. It includes a handle coated in durable urethane, a testament to its enduring quality, as we've never encountered any issues with its longevity.

Single Handle

These single handle cable attachments are sold in pairs. Crafted from heavy-duty nylon, they feature a robust handle designed for a secure and comfortable grip, fitting ergonomically into your palm.

Triangle Row

Constructed from chrome-plated cold rolled steel, this triangle chest pull bar is an essential tool for achieving a strong and well-developed back. Its appearance is not the only impressive aspect; it also delivers a remarkable tactile experience. The advanced knurling on the bar ensures a secure and comfortable grip during your pulls.

Triceps Rope

Crafted with a sturdy, long-lasting nylon rope and featuring both rubber and hard Mayhem Strength chrome ends, this Triceps press down rope ensures durability.

Revolving 48" Lat Pulldown Bar

Crafted from triple chrome-plated cold rolled steel, this 48" lat pulldown bar revolves smoothly and is designed to meet the professional standards of commercial gyms. The ergonomically designed angle bends at its ends ensure the maximum engagement of your lats during pulldowns.

Multi-Grip 48" Lat Pulldown Bar

This 48" lat pulldown bar, with its triple chrome-plated cold rolled steel construction and multiple rubber grips, represents a professional-grade standard fit for commercial gym use. Its thoughtfully designed angle bends at the ends ensure the best engagement of the lat pulldown exercises.

Seated Row Dual-D Handle V Grip

Crafted from triple chrome-plated cold rolled steel, the Seated Row Dual-D Handle V Grip is exceptionally sturdy and built to withstand rigorous training. This versatile handle is not only suitable for seated rows but can also serve as a close grip pull-up handle when mounted over a pull-up bar or as a high pulley attachment.


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Cable Attachment Package, Revolving 48" Lat Pulldown Bar, Multi-Grip 48" Lat Bar, Seated Row Dual-D Handle V Grip, Cable Attachment Package-Pre Order, Multi-Grip 48" Lat Bar-Pre Order, Seated Row Dual-D Handle V Grip-Pre Order

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