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Mayhem Strength Gold Deep Dish Iron Plates


These Mayhem Strength Gold Deep Dish Iron Plates are nothing short of classic old school lifting in a gym. These give a simple yet gold standard for weightlifters durable enough for daily abuse in the gym.

Their distinctive design boasts an expanded surface area, reducing the risk of floor and platform damage when dropped. These plates have gained popularity over time for their vintage appearance and traditional weightlifting feel.

Each deep dish iron weight plate features a 2-inch center hole diameter, ensuring compatibility with standard barbells. With proper care, these iron plates can serve you for years, making them a wise, long-lasting investment.

Discover the enduring charm and authentic grit of iron plates in your bodybuilding exercises and workouts with Mayhem Strength Gold Deep Dish Plates.

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Lead Time on PRE-ORDERS is 12-14 Weeks

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30 in stock Available for Pre-Order


30 in stock Available for Pre-Order



Historically, Deep Dish Iron Plates are highly favored for more functionality rather than their aesthetic appearance. Their increased surface area helps to minimize damage to flooring and platforms when dropped. Over time people grew to love this style of plates due to their vintage appearance and old school weightlifting feel. These Mayhem Strength Deep Dish Plates are great for barbell squats, deadlift, bench, and any other movement you would like to perform. Simple, classic, and tough enough to endure a rock-solid workout at home or in any commercial gym setting!

Each deep dish iron plate has a 2-inch center hole diameter designed to fit on a standard barbell. Iron plates can last for years if they are cared for properly which makes them a long-term investment. Pressing iron brings the classic grit feeling to your workout. Traditionally, bodybuilding exercises and workouts are ideal for lifting cast deep dish iron plates.

Lead Time on Pre-Orders is 12-14 weeks from the date ordered! 

Mayhem Strength Gold Deep Dish Iron Plates Set: 

(2)45lb, (2)35lb, (2)25lb, (2)10lb, (2)5lb, (2)2.5lb for 245lb Plates Set

Brand: Mayhem Strength

Material Type: Cast Iron

Warranty: 1 year on any manufacture defect. Does not cover wear and tear

Collar Diameter: 50.4mm / 2"

Weight tolerance: +/- 2%

Weight / Diameter / Plate Thickness: 

45lbs / 450mm / 1.75" - 44.45mm

35lbs   / 378mm / 1.75" - 44.5mm

25lbs / 289mm / 1.75" - 44.5mm

10lbs / 219mm / 1.25" - 31.75mm

These plates are available in: 

2.5lb, 5lb, 10lb, 25lb, 35lb, 45lb


Pair these plates with your favorite barbell to complete your workout Barbells Archives - Gym Bro Fitness

Check out our latest YouTube Reels that features our Mayhem Strength Deep Dish Iron Plates! Click here to watch now.

Need weightlifting tips, check out our videos on YouTube: How-to: The Snatch - YouTube

Upgrade your gym setup and keep clutter away with our durable Plate Tree, designed to maximize your workout potential and make it easy to store and access your Mayhem Strength Gold Deep Dish Iron Plates.

Follow us on Instagram for equipment content and promotions! : @mayhem_strength

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2.5lb Pair, 5lb Pair, 10lb Pair, 25lb Pair, 35lb Pair, 45lb Pair, Plates Set 160lb, Plates Set 280lb, Plates Set 540lb, Plates Set 640lb

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