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Multi Adjustable Single Pulley

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Elevate your gym experience with the Mayhem Strength Multi Adjustable Single Pulley, complete with a low row foot post. Its easy-to-adjust mechanisms ensure seamless transitions between exercises, saving you time and effort during your workout sessions. This dynamic equipment lets you target various muscle groups with precision, from chest to back, arms to legs, making it an essential tool for achieving a well-rounded physique. What's more, you can easily integrate a bench for added versatility, maximizing your workout potential. Designed to accommodate everyone, from beginners to fitness enthusiasts. Say goodbye to crowded gyms and hello to personalized, efficient workouts tailored to your goals.

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The Multi Adjustable Single Pulley is the perfect choice for busy gyms looking to maximize their training area. Thanks to its multi-position cable adjustment feature, this machine facilitates a diverse range of training exercises, all while occupying minimal space.

This versatile equipment comes standard with a 300lbs-30pcs weight stack, providing ample resistance for your workouts. By its adjustable pulley and including an Adjustable Bench, you unlock the potential for a wide array of exercise options, making this an invaluable addition to your fitness facility.

The Multi Adjustable Single Pulley goes the extra mile when it comes to customization. You have the flexibility to interchange Cable Attachments , allowing you to tailor your machine to your specific workout needs. This feature opens up a world of exercise possibilities, ensuring that this equipment becomes an all-in-one solution for your fitness regimen.

Brand Name: Mayhem Strength

Series: Mayhem Storm Selectorized Series

Assembled Measurements: 50x40x87 inches

Weight Stack: 300lbs-30pcs

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