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    The Mayhem Strength Preacher Curl Bench is a high-quality piece of gym equipment designed to help users develop and strengthen their biceps. This bench features a comfortable, adjustable seat and a sturdy, angled pad that supports the arms and isolates the biceps during curls. The bench is made from heavy-duty steel and is built to withstand the rigors of intense workouts. With its durable construction and effective design, the Mayhem Strength Preacher Curl Bench is an excellent choice for anyone looking to take their bicep training to the next level.

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    Brand Name: Mayhem Strength®

    Series: Mayhem Havoc Series

    Havoc Features: 

    • 11 Gauge steel
    • Aluminum end caps
    • Smooth, spring-loaded hydraulics system
    • High density foam pads
    • Furniture grade leather
    • ABS plastic

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    Matte Black

    Pad Color


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