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        Mayhem Strength resistance bands are high quality and durable which go from light to heavy resistance. Perfect for physical therapy, pull ups, stretching, strength training etc. Purchase a full set for the most variety or purchase singles for your exact needs.


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        Brand: Mayhem Strength


        Blue- 2.5″ wide x 45″ long
        -This beefy band is recommended for athletes 240 lbs+ who can do less than 5 unassisted pull-ups.

        Green- 1.75″ Wide x 40″ long
        -This heavy duty pull-up band will almost guarantee your first pull up and help you crank out reps as your arms fatigue.

        Purple- 1.8″ wide x 40″ long
        -this is a perfect place to start on the pullup bar for many of our customers. This is our most popular resistance band we sell due to the range of tension it provides.

        Black- .75″ Wide x 40″ long
        -this heavy band can be used alone or combined with any other pull up band size to customize the amount of tension needed.

        Red- .5″ wide x 41″ long
        -a highly adaptable band that can be used to tone almost every muscle group on or off the pull up bar. Best band for low impact high rep strength training.

        Yellow- .25″ Wide x 42″ long
        -this is excellent for high rep exercises. The perfect tool for warm-ups and strengthening smaller muscle groups, particularly around shoulders and arms.

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        6 pc. Set, Black Band, Blue Band, Green Band, Purple Band, Red Band, Yellow Band


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