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  • Straight Barbell Set 20-110LB


    The Straight Rubber Fixed Barbells are powerful yet effective pieces of equipment, which allow for a total body workout. There is no need to change plates to get your desired weight; these bars provide it all.

    This Rubber Fixed Barbells are available in Straight bars in 10-pound increments from 20 to 110-pounds and is being sold as a full set.

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    Straight barbell Set 20-110lb, are very common in a commercial gym setting. These bars have a chrome finish and have encased with rubber weights that are both durable and long-lasting. These barbells will stay relevant in your commercial, home, or garage gym for years to come.


    – White, embossed numbers make each dumbbell easy to identify by weight
    – Available in 10-pound increments from 20 to 110-pounds
    – Steel, chrome plated straight handle with knurling
    – High-quality rubber for increased durability
    – Sold in a full set

    10 Barbell Set: 20LB, 30LB, 40LB, 50LB, 60LB, 70LB, 80LB, 90LB, 100LB, 110LB

    This straight bar set sits perfectly on our Barbell Rack. 

    (How To Do A FIXED STRAIGHT BARBELL BACK SQUAT | Exercise Demonstration Video and Guide – YouTube

    Additional information

    Weight 690 lbs
    Dimensions 55 × 27 × 20 in

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