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    Introducing the Mayhem Strength Vertical Leg Press – the ultimate game-changer in leg press machines! If you’re looking to switch up your routine and target those leg muscles from a different angle, this is the perfect choice for you. Unlike traditional horizontal leg press machines, the Mayhem Strength Vertical Leg Press allows you to work your legs in a vertical position. This innovative design not only intensifies your leg workout but also offers a significant advantage to those who suffer from back problems.

    The vertical position of this machine enables you to keep your back almost completely relaxed during the exercise. This means you can focus entirely on your leg muscles without any unnecessary strain on your lower back. It’s a game-changer for anyone looking to build strength and tone their legs while minimizing the risk of back discomfort.

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    Elevate your lower body workouts with the Vertical Leg Press. Its ingenious design enables you to comfortably recline on your back and perform lifts directly above your hips, effectively removing the burden from your back and shoulders while zeroing in on your leg muscles. Plus, it offers convenient storage with its six weight pegs, making it a space-efficient choice. Strengthen and sculpt your lower body with this remarkable Leg Press machine, and witness your weekly progress in awe.

    Brand Name: Mayhem Strength

    Series: Mayhem Storm Plate Loaded Series

    Assembled Dimensions: 69x65x72in

    You can also add Mayhem Strength V3 Urethane Plates to complete your machine.

    For more Leg Press machines visit: Leg Press Archives – Gym Bro Fitness

    Additional information

    Weight N/A
    Dimensions N/A

    Matte Black

    Pad Color

    Red, Black


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