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    Highest quality gym equipment at the most affordable price

    Gym Bro Fitness is the premier source for all your residential and commercial fitness needs. We have an excellent sales staff, willing to work with you in a personal and professional manner to help create a great environment to help you and/or your clients reach their fitness goals. Gym Bro Fitness specializes in providing new and used commercial gym equipment which gives you the flexibility to install the gym of your choice at a budget that is right for you.

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    Step into the realm of greatness as UFC Champion TJ Dillashaw did, and outfit your gym with Mayhem Strength - the ultimate choice for those who dare to go beyond the ordinary. Discover the cutting-edge equipment, unmatched customer service and unrivaled quality that Mayhem Strength offers, designed to push boundaries and amplify results. Whether you're a professional athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or a gym owner, Mayhem Strength is your ultimate partner for creating an unparalleled gym.

    Please be advised we no longer accept walk ins. We are appointment only.


    What Our Customers Say

    • Cyril Ivanov

      The GBF team was immensely helpful in getting us the equipment we needed in an expeditious manner. Impeccable customer service, they truly went above and beyond. Highly recommended!

    • Nicole Parsley
      Shout to Emily for being super helpful and friendly! Prices for equipment is affordable and warehouse is clean and well put together !
    • Enrique Sandoval
      Place is a Godsend. Thanks to the people who own/work there. Awesome Service, friendly and good inventory.
    • jfortaliza111

      Quick email response and very friendly customer service! A+

    • Matthew Powell

      The staff was so helpful, courteous, and timely with their responses and the product was perfect.

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