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Barbell Rescue | 360 Degree Barbell Cleaning Brush


Introducing Barbell Rescue – your answer to quick and easy barbell cleaning. Say goodbye to those small, flat brushes that waste your time! This Barbell Rescue brush covers more area with its bristles, helping you clean and maintain your barbells faster and better.

Gym owners, keep your clients safe by cleaning your barbells quickly between classes.

Whether you're a gym owner, a garage gym enthusiast, a regular at a large gym, or a traveling fitness lover, let Barbell Rescue take care of you and your barbells.

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Save time with Barbell Rescue Brush, offering 335-360 degrees of coverage for thorough and efficient cleaning. Unlike flat brushes, our brush is designed to clean round objects effortlessly.

Key Features:

  • Nylon Bristles: Versatile and recommended by most barbell manufacturers for optimal cleaning.
  • Universal Fit: Engineered to fit all standard male and female size barbells.
  • Elevated Edges: Collects debris more effectively than standard brushes, resulting in less mess and dust.

Instructions for Use:

  1. Prep: Use your Barbell Rescue Brush to remove dried chalk, blood, sweat, and tears from your bar.
  2. Apply Cleaner: Choose your favorite cleaning product (we love 3n1 Oil®).
  3. Scrub: Work the cleaning solution deep into the knurlings with the Barbell Rescue Brush.
  4. Wipe Down: Use a towel to remove any excess cleaning solution.
  5. Admire: Marvel at how easy it was to clean your bar.
  6. Resume Training: Get back to doing what you love with a clean, well-maintained barbell.

Experience a hassle-free cleaning process and keep your equipment in top condition with the Barbell Rescue Brush!

Additional information

Brush Color

Red, Black, Blue, Military Green, Pink

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