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    The Mayhem Strength Plate-Loaded DY Row is designed to mimic the natural movements of the human body and ensures perfect posture with every single rep. The machine features two weight horns that can be conveniently stacked, along with four more for storage.

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    Lead Time on PRE-ORDERS is 12-14 Weeks


    Lead Time on Pre-Orders is 12-14 weeks from the date ordered! 

    The Mayhem Strength DY Row has attached pivotable arms ergonomically placed with underhand grips, allowing users to target each arm. The converging and diverging motions target the core external rotator and stabilizer muscles including posterior deltoids, triceps, middle trapezius, brachialis, and rhomboids. With the separate weight horns on this DY Row allows you to engage independently diverging and converging motions to develop equal muscle stimulation and strength development. Perfect for any commercial or residential gym looking to upgrade or add to their existing space.

    Brand: Mayhem Strength®

    Series: Mayhem Havoc Plate Loaded Series

    Assembled Dimensions: 49x67x67 inches

    Machine Weight: 342lbs

    DY Row Havoc Features: 

    • 11 Gauge steel
    • Hard chrome weight plate sleeves
    • Aluminum end caps
    • Smooth, spring-loaded hydraulics system
    • High density foam pads
    • Furniture grade leather
    • ABS plastic
    • Adjustable Chest Pad


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    Featuring IFBB Pro Feddy Meo

    Additional information

    Weight 452 lbs
    Dimensions 66 × 45 × 25 in

    Matte Black-Pre Order, Gloss Black-Pre Order, Red-Pre Order

    Pad Color




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