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  • Factory Defect Mayhem Strength V2 Urethane Dumbbell



    Get Urethane Dumbbells at an amazing price that you won’t be able to find anywhere but Gym Bros!

    Sold in pairs and singles

    *Discontinued – limited quantities remaining


    Our loss is your gain. These Urethane Dumbbells are not uniform enough to meet our standards. Issues include but are not limited to:

    -Logo Discoloration

    *Gym Bro Fitness/Mayhem Strength is not liable for any damage to the dumbbells after purchase and do not come with any warranty*
    *Comes in a pairs and singles*

    Additional information

    Weight N/A
    Dimensions N/A

    5lb Pair, 10lb Pair, 15lb Pair, 20lb Pair, 25lb Pair, 30lb Pair, 35lb Pair, 40lb Pair, 45lb Pair, 50lb Pair, 55lb Pair, 60lb Pair, 65lb Pair, 70lb Pair, 75lb Pair, 80lb Pair, 85lb Pair, 90lb Pair, 95lb Pair, 100lb Pair, 105lb Pair, 110lb Pair, 115lb Pair, 120lb Pair, 125lb Pair, 130lb Pair, 135lb Pair, 140lb Pair, 145lb Pair, 150lb Pair, 45lb Single, 60lb Single, 65lb Single, 75lb Single, 80lb Single, 125lb Single

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