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ISO Lat Leg Press

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The Mayhem Strength ISO Lat Leg Press is not just any leg press machine - it's designed for iso-lateral movements that specifically target the lower body motions essential for leg press exercises. Its ergonomic design ensures smooth, comfortable, and safe activities, making each workout session a pleasure. With separate weight horns that engage independent diverging motion paths, this machine promotes equal strength development and muscle stimulation variety, ensuring balanced and comprehensive lower body workouts.

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This Mayhem Strength ISO Lat Leg Press machine is engineered to target your leg muscles with precision, say goodbye to traditional leg presses and hello to a more effective way to sculpt and strengthen your lower body.

With the Mayhem Strength ISO Lat Leg Press, you'll effectively engage and strengthen your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes. This exercise not only enhances lower body strength and definition but also improves overall lower body stability and reduces the risk of injuries.

Brand Name: Mayhem Strength

Series:  Havoc Series

Dimensions:  48x46x65 inches

Machine Weight: 463lbs

Havoc Features:

  • 11 Gauge steel
  • Aluminum end caps
  • High density foam pads
  • Furniture grade leather
  • ABS plastic

Perfect for any home or commercial gym!

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